That Guy in DC

Being a fan of the New York Islanders is a unique life experience, especially in DC. Your jacket makes people yell “GO KNICKS!!” at you from across the street. Cue the awkward response from both sides, “It’s the Islanders, sir.” Until Ted’s Marketing Machine hit the scene, you were the outcast looking for a corner TV to watch out of town hockey. Which is REALLY awkward when you have to walk into the Pittsburgh bar on the Hill.

It also makes you “That Guy” on the block flying the Fisherman while everyone else proudly displays their alma mater. Getting close to 20 years, it’s acceptable.

It won’t JUST be the Islanders. That would be boring and tedious. Many hockey things will be on my mind, and several of those many things will end up here.

I’m John and I’m “That Guy.”

3 thoughts on “That Guy in DC

  1. Add another fisherman flag to the growing core! This one from a high-rise window in Alexandria, VA. Just finding your page here, but I’m thinking a game watch might be fun; that way the Pittsburgh bar has to acknowledge us.
    (Huge win last night against those blueshirts… go Isles!)


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