Random Thoughts About The Snake Plisskin Cup 2014

Some random thoughts going into the 2014 Stanley Cup Final:

•This is raw destructive power versus spiritual clarity and focus, does the body or the soul give way first?
•Speaking of giving way, both teams have played five Game 7s this year. There will not be a 6th, there just can’t be.
•World-class or statistically-bad goalie; which posts more shutouts in spite of everything?
•Henrik Lundqvist lost the Gold Medal game in Sochi to the goalie he beat to reach the SCF. Imagine a world where HL is a double-runner up.
•Wayne Gretzky is going to be the talk of both towns. Here’s hoping for some love for Snake Plisskin.
•More frequent Gretzky jersey foul: modern LA, Outdoor Series LA, Outdoor Series Rags, or Winter Classic Rags?
•Were Brian Boyle, Marian Gaborik, and Dan Carcillo members of their SCF opponent? I HOPE SOMEONE ANSWERS THAT QUESTION FOR US AT LEAST ONCE A SHIFT.
•How much money is the NHL going to take in from this Final, Scrooge Mc Duck or C. Montgomery Burns amounts?
•Who is the first player traded at 12:01am the morning after, AKA the 2014 Roman Turek.

The Unbiased Prediction – Los Angeles Kings in 6