2015 Draft Weekend Trade Review

(Taken from one of, what...9 different Twitter accounts. Thanks people.)

(Taken from one of, what…9 different Twitter accounts. Thanks people.)

Started with a bang, then Garth Snow showed up to show people how to do work, and it ended….oh my god.

Here, enjoy some taeks.

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The End of Martin Brodeur

Twenty-year careers do not always age gracefully. Ray Bourque and John Elway bowed out at the perfect moment. Roger Clemens, Patrick Ewing, Shaq, and Jerry Rice didn’t listen to the Time/Space Continuum. Shaq’s career spiritually ended after the title in Miami and no one is going to remember a single team he tried out for after San Francisco. Thankfully, Ewing found coaching to give him a new light to stand in.

The second-greatest goalie in history has made it clear that he wants to be the next Patrick Ewing.

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