The Exes


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Game 7 overtime winner.
Nearly a PPG with Team #3 (both of them)
“Spare parts”, “will cost too much”…contributing more than anyone thought in multiple series.

Sound familiar? They should, since they’re The Exes.

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Pleading The 5th


9. Long Island News 12 producer Rob Del Muro with a good tip: Islanders GM Garth Snow attended a season-ticket holder event last week and told one fan, “It would be a safe wager on his part that we would utilize this year’s (first-round draft) pick.” The team has until June 1 to let the Buffalo Sabres know about the selection. If not, Buffalo gets New York’s 2015 first-rounder. The GM added the fan “could wager any amount of money because it wasn’t MY money.” Good line.

“Utilize.” That doesn’t exactly sound like “we will be using the pick to draft a player” now does it.
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Send For Backup! Projected #2 Goalies

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Garth Snow bluntly stated he is going to revamp his goaltending, as he has no goalies under contract for next season (aside from himself). He promises the best goaltending he can get his hands on. Evgeni Nabokov is staring at an open door to the end of his tenure as an Islander, quite possibly the end of a career. Anders Nilsson has decided to kick his own exit door open with his comments about not wanting to play in Bridgeport. Kevin Poulin is hoping someone remembers he did well enough in Bridgeport to e qualified for 2014-15. Poor Kevin.

Already, a few teams have made moves that have shaped the market for stoppers.
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