Trevor Linden: A Captain Without Stripes

via Getty Images

A “missing’ shoulder patch. Jersey weirdness (which is saying something for this era of the Islanders). Deja vu. Vuja de. Mandella Effect. Or, you may be right, I may be crazy. A possible photoshoot at Jones beach. And the Buffalo Sabres may be involved. Its weird.

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The Day I Became An Islanders Fan

This post originally ran on Islanders Insight’s Fan Retrospective, click here for the full article.

At 13 years old the world is a place that isn’t defined. One day you discover music that isn’t for “kids” and then next day you say it’s behind you. Thought the only sport in life was baseball? Too bad, now you’ve found soccer and life is ret-conned into completeness. I was a 13 year old Quebec Nordiques fan. Look how that turned out.

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