NHL Trade Deadline 2017: Blame Every GM

The NHL Trade Deadline was accurately named for 2017, it was fairly dead. If you looked at the fan base of the New York Islanders, you would think that GM Garth Snow was dead as well seeing that he politely abstained from making a deal of any kind today. The Internet melted.

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The Day I Became An Islanders Fan

This post originally ran on Islanders Insight’s Fan Retrospective, click here for the full article.

At 13 years old the world is a place that isn’t defined. One day you discover music that isn’t for “kids” and then next day you say it’s behind you. Thought the only sport in life was baseball? Too bad, now you’ve found soccer and life is ret-conned into completeness. I was a 13 year old Quebec Nordiques fan. Look how that turned out.

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