Olegstradamus – The Orange & Black Scrimmage

What? There hasn’t been an announcement yet? Man…

Becoming a slowly regressing annual spectacle, the July 9th Orange & Black Scrimmage will have some of the greatest prospects in the history of the New York Islanders will convene at the Di Gilio Playground rink on McDonald Ave. in Brooklyn. As the Islanders prepare to move into Barclays Center at the end of the summer, this fan fest on McDonald Ave. is designed to connect with the community (that’s nowhere near Barclays) and to reinforce the idea the Islanders almost left for Kansas City.


Teams will take to the concrete (wait, there’s no ice?) in these legendary jerseys and much beloved team colors, Team Joensuu in Orange and Team Dopita in Black.

(Originals via NHLUniforms.com)

(Originals via NHLUniforms.com)

The laundry list of luminaries includes Kristian Kudroc, Dusan Salficky, Robert Nilsson, Dimitri Upper, Kirill Petrov, Jesse Joensuu, Brett Lindros, Jason Holland, Carl Charland, Warren Luhning, Jiri Dopita, Rick DiPietro, and Kirill Kabanov.

That’s an absolute Murderers Row of…damn.

Tickets for this event will got for $755, a rough estimate of the emotional pain and suffering Isles fans endured when these giants of the sport left dear Uniondale. A staggering 90% of ticket revenue will go towards paying for the players’ rental cars, with the last 10% benefitting local Little League Baseball. Which is odd, to be perfectly honest.

All fans in attendance will get free orange Halloween 1998 pucks upon entry, team branded black cupcakes, and will automatically entered in the post-Scrimmage game used jersey raffle. And by raffle the team means there’s a $50 bill stitched into one of the Orange jerseys and a $100 bill in one of the Black jerseys, a price that can only be claimed if you promise to take these jerseys home. Far, far away from human eyes.

All in all it should be a great day for Islanders fans of all ages to head down to the local park and see New York Islanders greats of yore and score 50 bucks.

(This isn’t real or even supposed to be funny. Please. And no disrespect to Di Gilio Playground, it had the best picture.)

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