Islanders Goalie Quiz – Part 3: Bridgeport Edition

Pictured: Not Someone Listed Below

It’s the end of July 2022 and…nada. Boredom, of course. Let’s use the products of one boredom to alleviate another.

The last two times we played this game (NYIGQ1, NYIGQ2), only guys who dressed for the big club got the spotlight. Now, we look at Bridgeport Harbor. These might be doozies, to be quite honest. To set the stage properly there will be no DiPietro, Dubielewicz, or Halak. Too easy, too obvious.

These 16 netminders appeared in at least one game (DUH) for the Bridgeport AHL team. Saddle up, friends. Good luck.


#16 – It’s NOT Halak

Think you know who’s who? Leave your guesses in the comments. Answers posted in about a week.

    ANSWERS! (It’s been more than a week.)

    1. Peter Mannino
    2. Steve Valiquette
    3. Kenny Reiter
    4. David Leggio
    5. Frederic Cloutier
    6. Garth Snow
    7. Kristers Gudlevskis
    8. Chris Madden
    9. Mike Morrison
    10. Dierter Kochan
    11. Jared Coreau
    12. Eamon McAdam
    13. Cory Schneider
    14. Jeremy Smith
    15. Jakub Skarek
    16. Ken Appleby

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