Islanders Goalie Quiz

More Islanders history! This time in random quiz form!

As the final season at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum commences stories the history of the team and the building and the area will continues to flood out minds and our lives. Newsday added a general history quiz about the team (Ed. Note – 18/23), and it brought back some memories and reminded us of a few things we didn’t realize we forgot.

Let’s make this one even more obscure and esoteric.

How well do you know New York Islanders goalies? Not just Jaroslav Halak, Chad Johnson, Kevin Poulin, or David Leggio, but any of the random and heroic gentlemen who manned the Nassau Coliseum home crease over the last forty-three years. Think you’d do all right? In a blatant rehashing of the most popular game during the 2013 NHL Lockout, your knowledge will be tested.

Can you tell a goalie by his equipment? As the material, style, and form of goalie equipment has changed over the last 25 years the New York Islanders’ color scheme has remained relatively static and given birth to a wide swath of artistic expression. That’s good news for us.

Three ground rules for this quiz. There will be no heads/faces/masks, no aforementioned current roster players, no Rick DiPietro. “Hey, look! A right-catching goalie!” Nah.

Faces and masks are too easy. Case in point: Who wore this mask?
potvin mask
Felix “The Cat” Potvin.

Just as easy: Which Islanders goalie transformed into John Lennon?
Lennon DiPietro
That would be noted NFL pundit Rick DiPietro.

Ready? Guess these 12 Islanders goalies by their equipment.





Islanders Sabres Hockey











New York Islanders








13 bonus

#13 – Bonus Tandem

Think you know who’s who? Leave your answers in the comments.

UPDATE – Answers!

1. Jeff Hackett
2. Martin Biron
3. Joey MacDonald
4. Wade Flaherty
5. Evgeni Nabokov
6. Peter Mannino
7. Marcel Cousineau
8. Chris Osgood
9. Ron Hextall
10. John VanBiesbrouck
11. Mike Dunham
12. Tommy Salo
13. Tommy Soderstrom (L) and Tommy Salo (R)

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