Dear Johnny – A Pleading Love Letter From Brock Nelson’s Leg

Dear Johnny,

We need to talk.

One month of pain and suffering is the same as one month of bliss. And it’s one month wondering if you’re here for me or what I’m doing for you.

When we were introduced it was purely a glance. You were the new guy, brought in to calm everything down. To make us all feel better. You do that, yet, you hurt me. That glance became a glancing blow and what we have now is very real and, damnit, it hurt. This shin is in serious pain. Stop shooting at me. Please.

Stop using me to score your goals. I know it’s your job, and I know it’s out of love, but it F@#$%^& hurts. While the rest of Brock may not feel your presence I sure do. One day your touch is going to break me or kill me. We’ve been together for 9 games and you’ve used me 4 times. At this rate you’re going to use me (and I really mean USE me) 36 times over the course of this season. Do you really think I can sustain this punishment 32 more times. Do you? Can I? We’re teammates and we’re out there trying to help and protect one another. I…I can’t take much more.

You mean so much to this team. Before you entered our lives the blue line was a desolate place. Lov Offense? Please, it was a myth you could only find in the movies.

It feels great to lead the team in goals thanks to you, and I know helping you out has made you beyond popular (who saw you bringing these PP numbers?). But this relationship isn’t about popularity or statistics, it’s about winning damn hockey games. As a team, while healthy. Grabs is still hurt, Chains is on the shelf for who knows how long (and that we’re going to miss him is REALLY scary), Grabbo had a concussion, CMac is drifting around like a nomad and may not be reliable…then there’s the chance Boulton shows up in our lives again. STOP IT. STOP MAKING THIS HURT.

Why can’t you let me redirect, why must it always be AT me like you caught me robbing your house? You know what’s funny, Brock and I can clean up the mess you create in front of the goalie. We stand here, causing chaos and know how to shovel garbage into a net.

Brock, on the other hand, is overjoyed. You’ve propelled him to a level of prosperity and recognition he’s only dreamed of. Me…I’m about to enter deep and intense relationships with Damien Hess and Dr. Neri. And trust me, those are not the best kind. Those relationships mean I’m broken.

Please don’t break me. Let me help you, help me, help the team by keeping me as healthy as possible. Brock will thank you and I will love you more for it, and we won’t need armor. The suit being hocked by NHL Guardian The Marine just won’t cut it.

And Cappy won’t have to send out the 4th line as much.

Think about it.

Brock’s Leg

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