Charles Wang Will Not Sell The Islanders

Charles Wang proved again he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants.

Now he’s being sued for $10M for, what is essentially, breach of contract.

Well, are you surprised?

His delusions are well known. No one will stand in his way if he has his way. Sanjay Kumar is serving a 12 – year prison term because of him. Smile Train was used to line his pockets with misappropriated funds. He’s been accused of accounting fraud by the company he founded.

Charles Wang, everybody.

What compounds this is how he handled, then blew up, a sure thing. Andrew Barroway had a deal in line and the cash was in his pocket. But Charles, who claimed to have never really WANT to sell the team, negotiated a deal to sale. Then balked. All because he got cold feet (no) or wanted more money (yes). Now Barroway, who has already sued Wang once, is suing Charles again for what amounts to a breach of contract fee.

Wang claims he found a better deal. He was looking for more money after seeing the Los Angeles Clippers go for $2B. Yes, Charlemagne thought to himself, “Because Clippers, more money.” That’s the most insane aspect of this. His property is branded “NY” which is not the same as “24k Gold”.

I’m not particularly surprised at this turn of events. Wang wants attention and control. His team is moving to Brooklyn, his team signed the big free agents, his team is making headlines.

If you were in the room for the negotiations, please stand up and tell us about it. All we know is what happened, not why and especially not what’s next. The most confusing element of this non-sale is the cannibalism in the fan base and reporting base. It doesn’t matter anymore whose “sources” said what, pro-sale or otherwise. Charles Wang sunk the deal, and no one reading this can speak for the man. We will all have to wait until Barroway talks or someone else gets the deed.

The only thing we can know for sure is that Charles B Wang has set fire to the last bridge he had with reality. The next owner better understand the ashes inside the baggage this team brings.

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