Return Of The Fisherman


For one night only the Fisherman will return. Not in-game but for one pregame warmup.

Nineteen years have passed since it was forced upon all of creation, the worst logo ever created. Don’t pretend it’s not bad. It’s part of the worst jersey of all time. From anyone. Anywhere. Truly the worst uniform change in history.

I remember being at the parking lot rally in 1998 where you could return ANYTHING with the Fisherman and the team would trash it. Kind of like Disco Demolition night minus the steamroller. No clue if there was any trade in, the Islanders were doing a civic duty.

It’s only a warmup, but it will cause a surge of unwanted emotions and recollections; Tommy Soderstrom, Marty McInnis, Brett Lindros, The Gang Of Four. These will fade, not quickly or without the help of overpriced alcohol, but they’ll be gone by morning. And the charity of choice will have a few more quarters in their coffers. So that’s nice.

Seeing John Tavares in a Fisherman jersey will be the strangest thing we may ever witness, but we know it is only a tip of the cap to an NVMC era. And that the future is so much better.

Time heals all wounds. In this case the wound has become kitsch. It’s gone from horrific to horrawesome. Try finding a jersey for sale, even at an unabsurd price, and you’ll get nothing. But twenty years turns crap vogue. And here we are.

One more ride isn’t the worst thing. At least it’s still in the stands. Remember, it’s been nineteen years.

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