Olegstradamus – The Cottage Season Quatrains


The Silly Season has quieted down, though the silliness manifests in other forms. Paranoia, delusions of grandeur, self loathing, and rage. When the cottages are away, the mice will play. (What?)

Find a pool, find a beverage, take a long drag. You’ve earned it.

1) Sign only a backup goalie? That’s a paddlin’. Let Johnny Oduya sign elsewhere? That’s a paddlin’. Didn’t get Phil Kessel or equally all-world winger? That’s a paddlin’. Restock Bridgeport? That’s a paddlin’. Man, Garth Snow SUCKS.

2) Jarret Stoll to Nashville. Seriously, they double-down on the stupid with Ribero so it’s not out of the question they triple up the stupid here.

3) Glendale Actuaries, Seattle Salmon, Portland Voodoo, Las Vegas Tassles, or Kansas City Chefs…

4) Colorado now owns the worst jersey in the league. That’s not supposed to be funny, just hot truth.

5) Alex Semin to LA, wins Cup.

6) Bryzgalov retires to become GM of the Flyers. Wait…

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