Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series Jersey Leak


Icethetics shared this deep into the evening of July 27th. In keeping with Stadium Series “tradition,” the jersey has a minimalist art movement vibe surrounding it. Barnett Newman would be proud.

What we don’t know is what new chromification process or material will be used to render the logo. There’s potential for victory and disaster here.

What’s good about this? A few things.

  • First and foremeost we have an Avalanche WITHOUT Bettman Stripes. This only the second time in eight years and it is a breath of fresh air. How hard is it to take these off the base set?
  • Second, the updated Rockies logo connects the state of Colorado and professional hockey of Denver’s past into a contemporary image. The edges are cleaned up, the triangle becomes more equilateral, and the snowcap foreshadows the team moniker.
  • It’s a big logo, could be seen from space.
  • The dark blue base and traditional, if subdued, wrist striping is sharp.

But…the bad.

  • Really, how hard is it to kill the apron strings! This is a tease. “We could do it, and here’s the proof…but, eh.”
  • LA, San Jose, Anaheim, Chicago, all these teams had a shoulder logo.
  • Distinct lack of true stripes.
  • White shoulder yoke feels forced and unnecessary. This could’ve been the space to add stripes (see Capitals 2015 Winter Classic jersey).
  • When Calgary unveiled their new third, and Dallas their new road white, the shoulder yokes on those jerseys had a jagged edge effect along the collarbone into shoulder cap. Hope sprung eternal that this new cut would allow Reebok to give the Avalanche their mountains back. Nope. Missed opportunity.
  • Needs more burgundy. The color clash between Minnesota’s green (speculative!) and Colorado’s burgundy would be more appealing that green and dark blue. (Unrealted: maybe Minny goes wheat?)

While a rendering of a possible leak leaves us with more questions than answers, there’s a maddening look into the visual identity future of the Colorado Avalanche. But for now this is leaning towards Fine.

Seriously, ditch the BS.

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