Colorado Avalanche Unveil 2016 Stadium Series Jersey


What we thought was the Colorado Avalanche 2016 Stadium Series jersey is actually nothing like what we expected. Try the third. But at today’s official Stadium Series press conference at Coors Field, the Avalanche rolled out the official jersey.

Holy wow.

Ugh, this is weird. Worse than the LA Kings going white-panted and gray on the tips.

How many Pac-Mans died to bring us these jerseys?

Gary Bettman’s face says it all…

Let’s take a step back from the ClipArt execution and react to the biggest shock….white at home. Yes, the Avalanche will break out a white jersey to be work at home for a regular season NHL game. Honestly, this is amazing. While the idea of “you should wear YOUR colors on YOUR ice” is a position I understand and respect, but I grew up on White At Home. Whenever a team goes WAH in this post-2003/04 world, I get happy. This is happy.


For visibility the sleeve numbers become more stretched, bulky and overcoming. Is there actually any blue under those numbers? The sleeve stripes are the last gasp of the Reebok template and very reminiscent of the Minnesota Wild. That’s got good, since they don’t like each other. At all. Having 5280 on the collar is fairly cute, the black collar is unnecessary. And looks like the Philadelphia Eagles road white. Terrible.

This jersey is underdone for the sake of simplicity but once again fall into the “uninspired” camp. Like the new Isles third, the execution did not render a respectable product that shows any substantial level of effort. Very few third jerseys released over the last seven or so years fall into this trap. NEW and FUTURISTIC and FRESH designs fall flat. Ottawa, Vancouver, and Boston got it.

Ultimately this jersey means nothing to the visual identity of the Avalanche. While thirds may beget new standard uniforms, one-offs are more likely to influence thirds. Both are temporary, but have short lives. While I truly believe the Avs need a new uniform identity, I do not believe this jersey is a sign of things to come. Unless it’s White At Home, then I’m all for it.


More from the Avalanche here.

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