Hammer Down: The Trading of Hamonic

If you thought Islander-dom was fairly happy and safe, save for some wonky line changes on meth, fear not. Something bad is coming!

Yesterday the esteemed Elliotte Friedman dropped serious science reporting Travis Hamonic has requested  a trade, preferably to western Canada. The initial rational, sophisticated reactions educatedly speculated it was due to a new life commuting from Nassau County into Brooklyn.

I call bunk.

If this was about a commute, or any other change in lifestyle, it would’ve been reported three years ago. If it’s a simple case of homesickness, why would he have entered the Draft of a professional sports league that spans most of a continent?

Hamonic’s noted to be the emotional leader of the team, and someone of unparalleled moral standards. His work with kids who have lost a parent or other important figure in their lives is amazing. Not just for the kids but for himself. He values family, his immediate and his professional ones. We know Travis’ story.

Realistically, pressing family concerns that overshadow hockey are the natural assumptions. Which is terrible. Unhappy with contract/role/personnel/etc, crappy but ultimately normal reasons to ask for a trade. Not Hamonic, not this time. Without spewing baseless, horrific theories, I just hope whatever is going on has a bright outcome.

There are hockey ops issues to address.

Limited number of trade partners with specific needs that may not be addressed by acquiring Hamonic will lessen the return in any trade. BD Gallof has outlined this in many scenarios. Garth wants equal NHL talent in return in a Hockey Trade, which also hampers a great haul. A 2A defenseman for 2A-B defenseman trade is rare. Garth has done more with less.

If the piece(s) conjure up memories of Vaneks long gone, get over it. This isn’t the same. This is a personal move.

When (if..no, when) he returns to Brooklyn in a foreign sweater, it’ll be a happy occasion. Just keep family, all types, in perspective.

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