ECAC Ticket Pricing for 2015-16

via (It's their banner..)

via (It’s their banner..)

Planning a road trip? Enjoy this College Hockey PSA.

With college hockey season around the corner, and the inkling of a silly idea dancing through my head, I have collected the current ticket pricing breakdowns for the twelve ECAC men’s hockey programs.

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

A few parameters:

  • Single Game Ticket prices account for the bulk of the data
  • All prices were taken from each school’s ticket information page(s) on Friday, September 18, 2015
  • Only Full Season Ticket Plan prices were collected, not every school offers that type of plan and only a few offer partials
  • Highest price taken into consideration for analysis (IE – Brown tickets are listed as $8-$10 in the online purchase)
  • Youth/Child tickets ranged generally from 3 to 14
  • Post-graduate students and Graduates were frequently combined into one category
  • Current Undergraduates are admitted for free unless otherwise denoted
  • Unless otherwise noted, conference games valued as Premium versus non-conference

Yale, a school of smartypants, uses a very Ticketmaster-like approach to pricing structure and sales so ticket prices are specific to seat location and opponent. Click here to peruse tickets for the Bulldogs.

ECAC 2015-16 ticket prices

Confirming what we knew beforehand, the college hockey experience is an affordable one. A family of four doesn’t have to worry about $100 not covering EVERYTHING at the game (except jerseys, because come one). Tickets, food, parking, small souvenirs…all covered. Granted, the family demographic isn’t the main concern of university athletics, this does mean that player’s families can watch their kid(s) on the cheap. Shocking disparity that life is, you can go to to one premium Isles home game for the price of one (or sometimes two) season ticket within the ECAC. Not a slight, not a complaint, but just an interesting contract in hockey context.

Then why does RPI charge students for every game under every ticketing situation? Five dollars isn’t a life-altering amount of money but when I was a sophomore, five bucks felt like fifty now.

Congrats to Colgate for the creation of Premium General Admission tickets. I don’t even know where to begin since those PGA tickets are on par with basic reserved seats. Actual seats.

Only Cornell offers discounted Single Game Tickets to faculty and staff. If you work at a school they anticipate you’ll be willing to part with “lots” of money to be seen and mingle with students at games. Hey, tenure can buy a lot.

Simple observations but useful ones for planning your (first) next college hockey roadie. Check out more ECAC information here.



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