Possible First Year In Brooklyn Patch Leaked

What we know about leaks is that they may not always be correct. Or, if they are correct, they mean nothing that you think they do.

Last time there was a leak of hockey logos for the Borough of Brooklyn, they turned out to have nothing to do with the New York Islanders. This leak of the alleged Inaugural Season patch the Islanders will wear looks fairly legitimate. High quality stitching, professional design feel, consistency in theme from prior Brooklyn patches…could be the real deal.

How would it look on a jersey? (Crude Paint.NET alert)

A departure from previous patches positioned on the right shoulder, this Brooklyn patch is primed to land on the right chest. The Brooklyn preseason game against New Jersey looked sharp and comfortably placed. Shoulder placement has been a Ranger convention for many years and the positioning does not immediately draw the eye. In fact, it feels shunned. If you’re celebrating something you put it front and center, not hidden from view on the side.


Not bad. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most recognizable icons of New York City and the gateway to the Borough of Brooklyn. Though the bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn, and faces the wrong direction (and doesn’t…I’m about to get to that), the use of the Bridge could be seen as a metaphorical bridge from the Island to Brooklyn. That’s actually impossible but we’re talking a spiritual connection through iconography. The bridge in this iteration of Brooklyn patches is solid continuation of the bridge theme. It’s not exactly the old version yet different enough to seem fresh.

Final verdict for this patch is Perfectly Fine. Cromulent, even. The point of an inaugural season patch is to simply convey one message without looking stupid. This does just that.

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