Possible Islanders Branding Leaked

These images have been submitted for official trademark by Barclays Center.


Will they be primary marks on the jerseys?

Will they be secondary logos for the shoulder(s)?

Will they be the crest of the eventual black-and-white third?

Are we seeing TOP SECRET letterhead images?

No idea and it’s doubtful that the good people at Barclays Center know at this juncture either. Moves like this are very common in sports and business in general. If you have an idea, even if its on a wet cocktail napkin, you get it trademarked. It never has to be used but now the world knows it is legally yours.

On their own, these are solid and classy logos. Clean lines, simple but straightforward message, obvious correlations to the Nets. That they are black-and-white is no true indication of their final rendering. Most trademarked images start black-and-white and are either finalized in color, or, they remain black-and-white and any color additions are notated in the filing.

Here’s what we can certainly deduce from these leaks…this team will be the once and future NEW YORK Islanders.

Sleep tight.

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