College Hockey At Barclays Center

When a Barclays Center official clarifies the existence of the BROOKLYN HOCKEY imagery, and that leads to many questions about college hockey to be played at the arena.

First, the UPDATE!

According to Barclays CCO Barry Baum, the logo is NOT for the New York islanders but part of a larger branding initiative. Ok, fine, lovely. It still would make a fine shoulder patch.

The logo will be connected to NCAA hockey played at Barclays. Which is amazing. Barclays is home to the Atlantic-10 basketball conference tournament and their own preseason Barclays Center Classic. The addition of a college hockey tournament would be a coup for both the borough and the hockey conference. College hockey doesn’t (usually) price out families with kids, plus it exposes them to a sport and schools that could be part of their immediate future. How many people chose a school because they wanted to be at a “football school” or “basketball school”? Many.

If Hockey East has TD Garden in Boston, the ECAC could easily claim Brooklyn.

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

With six schools in the state of New York, one a PATH ride into New Jersey, and two more not far from the Metro North New Haven line, Brooklyn would amplify the NEW YORK aspect of the New York-centric conference. The sad downside would be leaving Lake Placid, the holy land of American hockey, though the ECAC tournament has had several homes over the past 40 years with only three New York locations. The 2015 edition is only the second at Herb Brooks Arena in a three year booking. Atlantic City didn’t really make sense, let’s be honest.

A Brooklyn-based ECAC tourney has the potential for increased revenue, a more alluring travel destination, and an easier to access travel destination. A few days in New York City for college hockey? Yes please. Because college hockey is wonderful. As of this posting, there is no (known) specific plan for college hockey individual games or tournaments in Brooklyn.

You might even see a Ghostbuster. How New York is that?

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