Trade Josh Bailey

Josh_Bailey_2013-05-09TSN’s Darren Dreger has proclaimed that Josh Bailey is a desired trade target of many NHL General Managers.

NHL General Managers.

The 5th 7th 9th overall pick in 2008, Josh Bailey has not lived up to expectations. If memory serves correct, the response from the hood of a car was “WHOOO?!?!?!?” It wasn’t an unreasonable question.

He’s averaged 8.25 goals and .44 points per year. He gained the Islanders two 2nd round picks and one 3rd round pick. One of those picks is flame-out prospect Aaron Ness. We’re past the point of asking “was he rushed” because the answer is yes. He should have finished out his Junior eligibility and reported straight to Bridgeport. Instead he was demoted to the Sound Tigers to get his head straight. Great work there.

Really, all that should be expected in a return for Bailey is what is original worth brought in. Two seconds and a third. Anyone looking to take a flier (or a Flyer) on him is getting a 24 year old 3rd-liner desperate for a change. Toronto is a projected landing spot, possibly, because Dreger said so. San Jose will be looking to rebuild after their calamitous post-season. The Florida Panthers are a hotbed of reclamation projects. There could be some fire where there’s been very little smoke all these years. Funny feeling about trading him, maybe he becomes Todd Bertuzzi/Bryan McCabe/anyone else given up on and blossoms in his new home. Pray that happens out west where the damage will be minimal.

But at the end of the day what we should all expect is what he brought in…two 2nd’s and a 3rd.

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