Silent Scream

Two days ago at a Minnesota practice session, Mike Yeo went wild. And then the media went wild. And then random odd things were said about other teams coaches and why there are good things and bad things about Yeo’s vent.

The Wild have been closer to mediocre rather than the upstart bunch that fell to the Blackhawks in the second round last year. Talented forwards are producing here and there and his goaltending has gone through multiple dramas in the last six months. Let the man vent, at his team for their shortcomings, because this is his job. Players admitted the outburst was warranted.

Outbursts, meltdowns, tirades, vents, screaming…point to a time in life where that WASN’T necessary? Not everyone on earth has that gene which allows them to remain calm and stoic when tension mounts. In the coaching profession it’s either the greatest asset or what gets guys fired. Ask John Tortorella and Bo Pelini. Championship(s) and winning percentage hold for only so long.

When Barry Trotz gets agitated no one bats much of an eye. Mike Babcock might actually Dick Tracy so his happy face is the same as his perp-jaw-smashing face. These guys can manage emotion without criticism and their respective rooms hold firm behind them.

When jack Capuano sounds kind of more annoyed, or flips an elbow, there’s always a question of his desire or his job security. Look towards social media to see what the general opinion of Yeo’s future looks like. It’s utter nonsense. None of these coaches are the same man and none of them are going to have identical reactions to their team’s missteps.

Yell, scream, throw chairs, sit quiet and stew, sing Kumbaya, it’s all the same. A coach needs to get the emotion out and it sometimes needs to be a moment when he has the whole floor. At the end of the day Yeo still has the room. The players recognize that.

Let a coach scream once in a while.

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